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Solar Floating Systems

Solar Floating Systems

Our innovative and patented floating solar system Hydrelio® allows standard PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals or remediation and tailing ponds.

A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mount solar systems, Hydrelio® floating solar farm is particularly suitable for energy and water-intensive industries who cannot afford to waste either land or water.  Wineries, dairy farms, fish farms, mining companies, waste-water treatment plants, irrigation districts and water agencies are all examples of organisations who benefit from the synergy that our system creates between sun and water.

The Hydrelio® technology has been put to the test and has a 20+ year lifetime. Since February 2011, we have been operating a pilot project in the south of France to come up with a simple and efficient design that is both affordable and high performing. In 2017, we have a portfolio of over 75 floating PV plants in 16 countries.

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